Paul McCarthy MLM

Our Balanced Review On MLM

Many articles out there either lean favourably to MLM, while others paint it in a negative light. If you want a balanced view on MLM, then you’ve come to the right place. With that said, read on to find out what we think of MLM and whether or not you should join an MLM company.

What Is MLM
MLM is short for multi-level-marketing, which refers to a marketing strategy that involves direct salespeople selling products for an MLM company. Most MLM companies allow people to earn money via selling actual products and services, as well as earn income via recruiting other salespeople. MLM is also known as network marketing and referral marketing.

The Pros
First, the amount of money you can make is substantial. Bear in mind that what you can potentially earn via MLM depends on several factors such as the company you decide to join and the products you promote. Many people don’t make money with MLM, but everyone is different.

Second, you have a lot of freedom in terms of how and when you work. You are essentially self-employed, which means you control your schedule. You can work whenever you wish, and this flexibility is one of the reasons people are attracted to MLM opportunities.

Third benefit is support. Many MLM companies offer their members support. The amount of support you receive does depend on the company you join.

The Cons
First, the MLM industry is full of scams. Many companies make hyped up claims about how much members can earn, knowing full well the majority of their members don’t make much at all. When you join an MLM company, you need to make sure you’re joining a legit company.

Second, too many companies place emphasis on recruiting people and not on selling products. Not only that, but sometimes you make more money off recruiting than actually selling. This means the company is treading a fine line between being legitimate and an outright scam.

Paul McCarthy MLM – Conclusion

Finally, it’s not really running a business. Many MLM companies try to tell people they’ll be business owners by joining their company, but if that company goes out of business then you go out of business. You’re self-employed when you join an MLM company, but you’re not running your own business.

The truth is there are way too many scams out there in the MLM industry, but not all MLM opportunities are scams. You have to do your research on companies and try to go with a company that allows you to earn a lot of money by selling products, as well as money via recruiting. In general, the amount you can potentially earn via selling should be similar to what you can potentially earn via recruiting.

If you’re interested in joining an MLM company, then carefully weigh the pros and cons. Compare as many companies and opportunities as you possibly can before finally making a decision. The more research you do on a company, the better off you’ll be.